Wandering in realWorld - a visual inquiery into relations

Acryl on cotton 2003 - 2019

© Jan Abrahim Vos, Rotterdam

Me & Mother 130x140cm

De spanning tussen de
kwetsbaarheid van absolute
hulpeloosheid en de
kracht van totale overgave

Wie geeft?
Wie neemt?

The tension between the
vulnerability of absolute
helplessness and the
strength of total surrender

Who is the one that gives?
Who that takes?

Me & Father 130x140cm

De verlatenheid van de
niet gespiegelde ziel en
de afwending van de
heilige aanwezigheid

Vader, waar zijt gij?

The desolation of the
unmirrored soul and
the turning away from the
holy presence

Father, where art Thou?

Me & Other 130x140cm

wind, ruimte dragend
een wiel, draaiend
onbeweeglijk, stil
de herinnering aan geluid
het geluid van
zoete kinderstemmen
spelend, dansend

liefde, jij
een lied, eeuwig in
het nu verstervend
uit het nu geboren

een onophoudend ja


wind, carrying space
a wheel turning
immobile, silent
the memory of sound
the sound of
sweet children's voices
playing, dancing

love, you
a song, forever dying
forever being born
in the now

a relentless yes


Me & Myself 130x140cm

and when the man is enlightened

he will not be wise
he will not be brilliant
he will not be the master

when I meet the wise man
I will bow my head
when I meet the brilliant man
I will bow my head
when I meet the enlightened man
I will stand face to face

for he is what he is
and I am what I am
and all that is created
is created by the pure force
that makes us alive

we are passengers, temporally witnessing
an endless stream of miracles
mistakenly perceived as a material world

when I will stand face to face with the man
I will know that it is not me who is in control
that I cannot shape the present with any effort
that is it not me who is living life

I will know that life is living me

Life & Death 120x190cm

Constantly creation is
Forms are being born out
of forms
Appearing and
dissapearing at
the same time